Choose the correct answer A, B or C.
Example: They _______from Rome. They're from Florence.
A. not ( ) B. aren't ( + ) C. isn't ( )

1) Have you finished that report? No, not____.
2) What______you do yesterday afternoon?
3) I_______in the park when it started raining.
4) "______you ever been to the museum?" - "No, this is the first time."
5) He couldn’t remember where he _____his car.
6) We_____work tomorrow.
7) I ______the gym on Thursday evenings.
8) I put ______salt in the pasta.
9) Hello! Come in. I’ve______made some coffee. Would you like some?
10) "I don’t want to rent a horror film." - "____do I."
11) ______in the sea makes you really strong.
12) It’s snowing.___
13) A key is a thing _____you use to open doors.
14) ______to the basketball match on Saturday?
15) She______invite him if she didn’t want him to come.
16) I need some advice. What____I do?
17) This castle____in 1600.
18) I don’t have ____money left, because I bought a new jacket.
19) He_____me not to tell anyone.
20) What_____you do if she doesn’t reply to your email?
21) Let’s order a pizza. We don’t have____to cook for dinner.
22) They’ve lived in the same house ____forty years.
23) I______come and see you tonight if I can borrow Joe’s car.
24) I think this is the ____song on the CD.
25) That case is too heavy for you. I____you.