Choose the correct answer A, B or C
Example: She_______ a student. She's a teacher.
A. aren't ( )  B. isn't ( + )  C. not ( )

1) We______ to France last summer.
2) I always_____a toast for breakfast.
3) ____your brother play the guitar?
4) My mum doesn’t like ____to work.
5) They ____TV at the moment.
6) I____to Rome.
7) What_____tomorrow afternoon?
8) We_____to Rome and then we drove to Florence.
9) She _____to school today because she’s ill.
10) I_____at the moment because I’m on holiday.
11) Have you ever____Japanese food ?
12) They ____pizza . They had pasta.
13) Who _____your favourite actors?
14) How often _____to the cinema?
15) They_____early on Sundays.
16) This is_____ interesting book. Have you read it?
17) I often go shopping ____the weekend.
18) The children played ____in the garden
19) These shoes aren’t ____. Look! They’re too small.
20) _____there any biscuits?
21) She hardly _____travels abroad.
22) Paul left work an hour____.
23) How______chocolate do you eat?
24) This is _____ film I’ve ever seen.
25) I’m younger ____my sister.